University of South Carolina Leaf 17

The vellum of this late-thirteenth century English psalter was once nearly white, but now appears dirty. The ink for the bulk of the text is brown, with blue, orange (or weak red), green, and white in the decorations. Gold and silver are both used, and the silver has tarnished. There are dragons, foliage, flowers, and pointed ivy as marginal decorations. Illuminated initials begin each verse, and bars are placed at the end of lines to complete them when the text is too short to fill them; these lines include both geometric designs and additional dragons. The leaf measures 17 x 11 cm. See Denison University Leaf 17 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 30:8-16 (recto) and 30:16-23 (verso).

USC 17r.jpg
South Carolina Leaf 17 Recto
South Carolina Leaf 17 Recto

University of South Carolina Leaf 17 Recto

+ South Carolina Leaf 17 Recto Transcription

[column A]

-tibus ánimam meam.
Nec conclusísti me in mánibus inimíci: statuísti in loco spatióso pedes meos.
Miserére mei, Dómine, quóniam tríbulor; conturbátus est in ira óculus meus, ánima mea, et venter meus.
Quóniam defécit in dolóre vita mea, et anni mei in gemítibus.
Infirmáta est in paupertáte virtus mea, et ossa mea conturbáta sunt.
Super omnes inimícos meos factus sum oppróbrium, et vicínis meis

[column B]

valde, et timor notis meis;
Qui vidébant me foras fugérunt a me. Oblivióni datus sum, tamquam mórtuus a corde;
Factus sum tamquam vas pérditum: quóniam audívi vituperatiónem multórum commorántium in circúitu.
In eo dum convenírent simul advérsum me, accípere ánimam meam consiliáti sunt.
Ego autem in te sperávi, Dómine; dixi: Deus meus es tu; in mánibus tuis sortes meæ

+ South Carolina Leaf 17 Recto Translation

[Psalms 30:8-30:16] soul out of distresses. 9 And thou hast not shut me up in the hands of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a spacious place. 10 Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am afflicted: my eye is troubled with wrath, my soul, and my belly: 11 For my life is wasted with grief: and my years in sighs. My strength is weakened through poverty and my bones are disturbed. 12 I am become a reproach among all my enemies, and very much to my neighbours; and a fear to my acquaintance. They that saw me without fled from me. 13 I am forgotten as one dead from the heart. I am become as a vessel that is destroyed. 14 For I have heard the blame of many that dwell round about. While they assembled together against me, they consulted to take away my life. 15 But I have put my trust in thee, O Lord: I said: Thou art my God. 16 My lots are in thy hands.

USC 17v.jpg
South Carolina Leaf 17 Verso
South Carolina Leaf 17 Verso

University of South Carolina Leaf 17 Verso

+ South Carolina Leaf 17 Verso Transcription

[column A]

Eripe me de manu inimicórum meórum, et a persequéntibus me.
Illústra fáciem tuam super servum tuum; salvum me fac in misericórdia tua. Dómine, non confúndar, quóniam invocávi te.
Erubéscant ímpii, et deducántur in inférnum; muta fiant lábia dolósa,
Quæ loquúntur advérsus justum iniquitátem, in supérbia, et in abusióne.
Quam magna multitúdo dulcédinis tuæ, Dómine, quam abscondísti timéntibus te;

[column B]

Perfecísti eis qui sperant in te in conspéctu filiórum hóminum!
Abscóndes eos in abscóndito faciéi tuæ a conturbatióne hóminum;
Próteges eos in tabernáculo tuo, a contradictióne linguárum.
Benedíctus Dóminus, quóniam mirificávit misericórdiam suam mihi in civitáte muníta.
Ego autem dixi in excéssu mentis meæ: Projéctus sum a fácie oculórum tuórum:
Ideo exaudísti vocem oratiónis meæ, dum

+ South Carolina Leaf 17 Verso Translation

[Psalms 30:16-30:23]

Deliver me out of the hands of my enemies; and from them that persecute me. 17 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant; save me in thy mercy. 18 Let me not be confounded, O Lord, for I have called upon thee. Let the wicked be ashamed, and be brought down to hell. 19 Let deceitful lips be made dumb. Which speak iniquity against the just, with pride and abuse. 20 O how great is the multitude of thy sweetness, O Lord, which thou hast hidden for them that fear thee! Which thou hast wrought for them that hope in thee, in the sight of the sons of men. 21 Thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy face, from the disturbance of men. Thou shalt protect them in thy tabernacle from the contradiction of tongues. 22 Blessed be the Lord, for he hath shewn his wonderful mercy to me in a fortified city. 23 But I said in the excess of my mind: I am cast away from before thy eyes. Therefore thou hast heard the voice of my prayer, when I cried to thee.

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