University of Saskatchewan Leaf 50

This is a leaf from a Book of Hours made in France in, according to Ege, about the year 1535. It is the latest, or most recent, of the 50 leaves in the Ege portfolio, and measures 16 x 11.5 cm. The script is a curved gothic, and quite distinctive; notice especially the variety of directions and styles of the ascenders. By contrast the large illuminated initials seem very bulky and old-fashioned. Lesser first letters are filled with yellow. See Denison University Leaf 50 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: This leaf contains text from the Office for the Dead at Vespers (the end of Psalms 120 and the beginning of Psalms 129). A scan of the verso is not currently available. Note the beautiful twined heart in the top line.

Reconstruction Note! In Ege's original manuscript, this leaf was probably followed by what is now Leaf 50 in the Ohio State University portfolio.

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Saskatchewan Leaf 50 Recto
Saskatchewan Leaf 50 Recto

University of Saskatchewan Leaf 50 Recto

+ Saskatchewan Leaf 50 Recto Transcription

tuum: neque dormitet, qui custodit te.
Ecce non dormitabit: neque dormiet, qui custodit Israel.
Dominus custodit te, Dominus protectio tua: super manum dexteram tuam.
Per diem sol non uret te: neque luna per noctem.
Dominus custodit te ab omni malo: custodiat animam tuam Dominus.
Dominus custodiat introitum tuum, et exitum tuum: ex hoc nunc, et usque in saeculum. Ant: Dominus custodiat te ab omni malo, custodiat animam tuam Dominus. Ant: Si iniquitates.

De profundis clamavi ad te

+ Saskatchewan Leaf 50 Recto Translation

[from Psalms 120] ...neither let him slumber that keepeth thee. Lo he shall not slumber: nor sleep, that keepeth Israel. Our Lord keepeth thee, our Lord is thy protection: upon thy right hand. By day the sun shall not burn thee: nor the moon by night. Our Lord doth keep thee from all evil: let our Lord keep thy soul. Let our Lord keep thy coming in, and thy going out: from henceforth, now and forever. Ant: Our Lord doth keep thee from all evil, our Lord can keep thy soul. Ant: If thou O Lord.

[Psalms 129] From the depths I have cried to thee...

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