University of Saskatchewan Leaf 29

This leaf is from a French Book of Hours made in the middle of the fifteenth century. It measures only 18 x 13.5 cm, and its broad margins help emphasize the often dramatic difference between the size of a text block and the overall size of a leaf. The text block is ruled in red; first letters are decorated with gold, blue, light plum, and white. The ivy leaves are gold, with flowers and buds in the ivy rendered in medium green and blue, and occasionally red and plum. Some leaves have the marginal ivy on both the recto and verso. See Denison University Leaf 29 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Based on the leaves we have seen, this Book of Hours accords with the Use of Rome. This leaf contains text from the Office for the Dead at Vespers, consisting mostly of Psalms 145. A scan of the verso is not currently available.

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Saskatchewan Leaf 29 Recto
Saskatchewan Leaf 29 Recto

University of Saskatchewan Leaf 29 Recto

+ Saskatchewan Leaf 29 Recto Transcription

Lauda anima mea Dominum: laudabo Dominum in vita mea: psallam Deo meo quamdiu fuero. Nolite confidere in principibus: in filiis hominum, in quibus non est salus. Exibit spiritus eius, et revertetur in terram suam: in illa die peribunt omnes cogitationes eorum. Beatus cuius Deus Iacob adiutor eius, spes eius in Domino Deo ipsius: qui fecit caelum et terram, mare et omnia quae in eis sunt. Qui custodit veritatem in saeculum

+ Saskatchewan Leaf 29 Recto Translation

[Psalms 145] My soul praise thou our Lord, I will praise our Lord in my life: I will sing to my God as long as I shall be. Put not confidence in Princes: in the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. His spirit shall go forth, and shall return into his earth: in that day all their cogitations shall perish. Blessed is he whose God of Jacob is his helper his hope in our Lord his God: which made heaven and earth, the sea, and all things that are in them. Which keepeth truth forever...

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