Rochester Institute of Technology Leaf 44

This leaf is from a German Bible made in the later fifteenth century; as Ege notes, it was made about 60 years after the invention of printing by movable type. The pages measure 41 x 28 cm, and the vellum is slightly yellowed and thick, bending easily. There is only vertical evidence of lining, which is done in red; the bulk of the text is in dark brown with red decoration. A singular feature is the significant repair to the upper inside corner of each leaf--i.e., toward the binding, not on the outer edge. See Denison University Leaf 44 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Esdras 7:22-8:15 (recto). A scan of the verso is not currently available.

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Rochester Leaf 44 Recto
Rochester Leaf 44 Recto

Rochester Institute of Technology Leaf 44 Recto

+ Rochester Leaf 44 Recto Transcription

[column A]

[ ] usque ad argénti talénta centum, et usque ad fruménti coros centum, et usque ad vini batos centum, et usque ad batos ólei centum, sal vero absque mensúra. Omne quod ad ritum Dei cæli pértinet, tribuátur diligénter in domo Dei cæli: ne forte irascátur contra regnum regis, et filiórum ejus. Vobis quoque notum fácimus de univérsis sacerdótibus, et Levítis, et cantóribus, et janitóribus, Nathinaeis, et minístris domus Dei hujus, ut véctigal, et tribútum, et annónas non habeátis potestátem imponéndi super eos. Tu autem Esdra, secúndum sapiéntiam Dei tui, quæ est in manu tua, constítue júdices et praesides, ut júdicent omni pópulo qui est trans flumen, his vidélicet qui novérunt legem Dei tui: sed et impéritos docéte líbere. Et omnis qui non fécerit legem Dei tui, et legem regis, diligénter, judícium erit de eo sive in mortem, sive in exílium, sive in condemnatiónem substántiæ ejus, vel certe in cárcerem. Benedíctus Dóminus Deus patrum nostrórum, qui dedit hoc in corde regis ut glorificáret domum Dómini quæ est in Jerúsalem, et in me inclinávit misericórdiam suam coram rege et consiliatóribus ejus, et univérsis princípibus regis poténtibus: et ego confortátus manu Dómini Dei mei, quæ erat in me, congregávi de Israël príncipes qui ascénderent mecum.

[3 lines untranscribed.]

[column B]

[2 lines untranscribed.]

Hi sunt ergo príncipes familiárum, et genealógia eórum, qui ascendérunt mecum in regno Artaxérxis regis de Babylóne. De fíliis Phínees, Gersom. De fíliis Ithámar, Dániel. De fíliis David, Hattus. De fíliis Sechéniæ, fíliis Pharos, Zacharías: et cum eo numeráti sunt viri centum quinquagínta. De fíliis Phahath Moab, Elioënai fílius Zárehe, et cum eo ducénti viri. De fíliis Sechéniæ, fílius Ezechíel, et cum eo trecénti viri. De fíliis Adan, Abed fílius Jónathan, et cum eo quinquagínta viri. De fíliis Alam, Isaías fílius Atháliæ, et cum eo septuagínta viri. De fíliis Saphátiæ, Zebédia fílius Míchaël, et cum eo octogínta viri. De fíliis Joab, Obédia fílius Jáhiel, et cum eo ducénti decem et octo viri. De fíliis Selómith, fílius Jósphiæ, et cum eo centum sexagínta viri. De fíliis Bébai, Zacharías fílius Bébai, et cum eo vigínti octo viri. De fíliis Azgad, Johánan fílius Eccétan, et cum eo centum et decem viri. De fíliis Adónicam, qui erant novíssimi: et hæc nómina eórum: Elípheleth, et Jéhiel, et Samaías, et cum eis sexagínta viri. De fílii Begui, Úthai et Zachur, et cum eis septuagínta viri. Congregávi autem eos ad flúvium qui decúrrit ad Aháva, et mánsimus ibi tribus diébus: quæsivíque in pópulo

+ Rochester Leaf 44 Recto Translation

[Esdras 7:22-8:15]

...Unto a hundred talents of silver, and unto a hundred cores of wheat, and unto a hundred bates of wine, and unto a hundred bates of oil, and salt without measure. 23 All that belongeth to the rites of the God of heaven, let it be given diligently in the house of the God of heaven: lest his wrath should be enkindled against the realm of the king, and of his sons. 24 We give you also to understand concerning all the priests, and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nathinites, and ministers of the house of this God, that you have no authority to impose toll or tribute, or custom upon them. 25 And thou Esdras according to the wisdom of thy God, which is in thy hand, appoint judges and magistrates, that may judge all the people, that is beyond the river, that is, for them who know the law of thy God, yea and the ignorant teach ye freely. 26 And whosoever will not do the law of thy God, and the law of the king diligently, judgment shall be executed upon him, either unto death, or unto banishment, or to the confiscation of goods, or at least to prison. 27 Blessed be the Lord the God of our fathers, who hath put this in the king's heart, to glorify the house of the Lord, which is in Jerusalem, 28 And hath inclined his mercy toward me before the king and his counsellors, and all the mighty princes of the king: and I being strengthened by the hand of the Lord my God, which was upon me, gathered together out of Israel chief men to go up with me.

[5 lines untranscribed.]

1 Now these are the chiefs of families, and the genealogy of them, who came up with me from Babylon in the reign of Artaxerxes the king. 2 Of the sons of Phinees, Gersom. Of the sons of Ithamar, Daniel. Of the sons of David, Hattus. 3 Of the sons of Sechenias, the son of Pharos, Zacharias, and with him were numbered a hundred and fifty men. 4 Of the sons of Phahath Moab, Eleoenai the son of Zareha, and with him two hundred men. 5 Of the sons of Sechenias, the son of Ezechiel, and with him three hundred men. 6 Of the sons of Adan, Abed the son of Jonathan, and with him fifty men. 7 Of the sons of Alam, Isaias the son of Athalias, and with him seventy men. 8 Of the sons of Saphatia: Zebodia the son of Michael, and with him eighty men. 9 Of the sons of Joab, Obedia the son of Jahiel, and with him two hundred and eighteen men. 10 Of the sons of Selomith, the son of Josphia, and with him a hundred and sixty men. 11 Of the sons of Bebai, Zacharias the son of Bebai: and with him eight and twenty men. 12 Of the sons of Azgad, Joanan the son of Eccetan, and with him a hundred and ten men. 13 Of the sons of Adonicam, who were the last: and these are their names: Eliphelet, and Jehiel, and Samaias, and with them sixty men. 14 Of the sons of Begui, Uthai and Zachur, and with them seventy men. 15 And I gathered them together to the river, which runneth down to Ahava, and we stayed there three days: and I sought among the people and among the priests for the sons of Levi, and found none there.

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