Ohio University Leaf 17

The vellum of this late-thirteenth century English psalter was once nearly white, but now appears dirty. The ink for the bulk of the text is brown, with blue, orange (or weak red), green, and white in the decorations. Gold and silver are both used, and the silver has tarnished. There are dragons, foliage, flowers, and pointed ivy as marginal decorations. Illuminated initials begin each verse, and bars are placed at the end of lines to complete them when the text is too short to fill them; these lines include both geometric designs and additional dragons. The leaf measures 17 x 11 cm. See Denison University Leaf 17 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 34:19-27 (recto) and 34:27-35:10 (verso).

OU 17r.jpg
Ohio University Leaf 17 Recto
Ohio University Leaf 17 Recto

Ohio University Leaf 17 Recto

+ Ohio University Leaf 17 Recto Transcription

[column A]

me gratis, et ánnuunt óculis.
Quóniam mihi quidem pacífice loquebántur; et in iracúndia terræ loquéntes, dolos cogitábant.
Et dilatavérunt super me os suum; dixérunt: Éuge, éuge! vidérunt óculi nostri.
Vidísti, Dómine: ne síleas; Dómine, ne discédas a me.
Exsúrge et inténde judício meo, Deus meus; et Dóminus meus, in causam meam.
Júdica me secúndum justítiam tuam, Dó-

[column B]

-mine Deus meus, et non supergáudeant mihi.
Non dicant in córdibus suis: Éuge, éuge, ánimæ nostræ; nec dicant: Devorávimus eum.
Erubéscant et revereántur simul qui gratulántur malis meis;
Induántur confusióne et reveréntia qui magna loquúntur super me.
Exsúltent et læténtur qui volunt justítiam meam; et dicant semper: Magnificétur Dóminus, qui volunt pacem ser-

+ Ohio University Leaf 17 Recto Translation

[Psalms 34:19-27]

...who have hated me without cause, and wink with the eyes. 20 For they spoke indeed peaceably to me; and speaking in the anger of the earth they devised guile. 21 And they opened their mouth wide against me; they said: Well done, well done, our eyes have seen it. 22 Thou hast seen, O Lord, be not thou silent: O Lord, depart not from me. 23 Arise, and be attentive to my judgment: to my cause, my God, and my Lord. 24 Judge me, O Lord my God according to thy justice, and let them not rejoice over me. 25 Let them not say in their hearts: It is well, it is well, to our mind: neither let them say: We have swallowed him up. 26 Let them blush: and be ashamed together, who rejoice at my evils. Let them be clothed with confusion and shame, who speak great things against me. 27 Let them rejoice and be glad, who are well pleased with my justice, and let them say always: The Lord be magnified, who delights in the...

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Ohio University Leaf 17 Verso
Ohio University Leaf 17 Verso

Ohio University Leaf 17 Verso

+ Ohio University Leaf 17 Verso Transcription

[column A]

-vi ejus.
Et lingua mea meditábitur justítiam tuam; tota die laudem tuam.
Dixit injústus ut delínquat in semetípso: non est timor Dei ante óculos ejus.
Quóniam dolóse egit in conspéctu ejus, ut inveniátur iníquitas ejus ad ódium.
Verba oris ejus iníquitas, et dolus; nóluit intellígere ut bene ágeret.
Iniquitátem meditátus est in cubíli suo; ástitit omni viæ non

[column B]

bonæ: malítiam autem non odívit.
Dómine, in cælo misericórdia tua, et véritas tua usque ad nubes. Justítia tua sicut montes Dei; judícia tua abýssus multa.
Hómines et juménta salvábis, Dómine, quemádmodum multiplicásti misericórdiam tuam, Deus.
Fílii autem hóminum in tégmine alárum tuárum sperábunt.
Inebriabúntur ab ubertáte domus tuæ, et torrénte voluptátis tuæ potábis eos:
Quóniam apud te est fons vitæ, et in lúmine

+ Ohio University Leaf 17 Verso Translation

[Psalms 34:27-35:10]

...peace of his servant. 28 And my tongue shall meditate thy justice, thy praise all the day long.

2 The unjust hath said within himself, that he would sin: there is no fear of God before his eyes. 3 For in his sight he hath done deceitfully, that his iniquity may be found unto hatred. 4 The words of his mouth are iniquity and guile: he would not understand that he might do well. 5 He hath devised iniquity on his bed, he hath set himself on every way that is not good: but evil he hath not hated. 6 O Lord, thy mercy is in heaven, and thy truth reacheth, even to the clouds. 7 Thy justice is as the mountains of God, thy judgments are a great deep. Men and beasts thou wilt preserve, O Lord: 8 O how hast thou multiplied thy mercy, O God! But the children of men shall put their trust under the covert of thy wings. 9 They shall be inebriated with the plenty of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the torrent of thy pleasure. 10 For with thee is the fountain of life; and in thy light...

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