Ohio State University Leaf 03

This leaf is identified by Ege as an Italian lectionary from the mid twelfth century. The vellum is thin, supple, and barely yellowed, measuring 33 x 24cm. The text is revived Carolingian minuscule, another example of which can be seen in Leaf 01. The ink is primarily dark brown with minimal fading with phrases highlighted in red and blue. See Denison University Leaf 03 for more information on this manuscript.

Text: John 21:2-9 (recto); John 21:9-14 and John 20:11-13 (verso).

Reconstruction Note! In Ege's original manuscript, this leaf followed what is now Leaf 03 in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst portfolio.

Ohio State University Leaf 03 Recto
Ohio State University Leaf 03 Recto

Ohio State University Leaf 03 Recto

+ Ohio State University Leaf 03 Recto Transcription

-hel qui erat a Cana Galilaeæ, et fílii Zebedaei, et álii ex discípulis ejus duo. Dicit eis Simon Petrus: Vado piscári. Dicunt ei: Venímus et nos tecum. Et exiérunt, et ascendérunt in navim: et illa nocte nihil prendidérunt. Mane autem facto stetit Jesus in líttore: non tamen cognovérunt discípuli quia Jesus est. Dixit ergo eis Jesus: Púeri, numquid pulmentárium habétis? Respondérunt ei: Non. Dicit eis: Míttite in déxteram navígii rete, et inveniétis. Misérunt ergo: et jam non valébant illud tráhere præ multitúdine píscium. Dixit ergo discípulus ille, quem diligébat Jesus, Petro: Dóminus est. Simon Petrus cum audísset quia Dóminus est, túnica succínxit se (erat enim nudus) et misit se in mare. Álii autem discípuli navígio venérunt (non enim longe erant a terra, sed quasi cúbitis ducéntis), trahéntes rete píscium. Ut

+ Ohio State University Leaf 03 Recto Translation

[John 21:2-9]

...Nathanael, who was of Cana of Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two others of his disciples. 3 Simon Peter saith to them: I go a fishing. They say to him: We also come with thee. And they went forth, and entered into the ship: and that night they caught nothing. 4 But when the morning was come, Jesus stood on the shore: yet the disciples knew not that it was Jesus. 5 Jesus therefore said to them: Children, have you any meat? They answered him: No. 6 He saith to them: Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and you shall find. They cast therefore; and now they were not able to draw it, for the multitude of fishes. 7 That disciple therefore whom Jesus loved, said to Peter: It is the Lord. Simon Peter, when he heard that it was the Lord, girt his coat about him, (for he was naked,) and cast himself into the sea. 8 But the other disciples came in the ship, (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes. 9 As...

Ohio State University Leaf 03 Verso
Ohio State University Leaf 03 Verso

Ohio State University Leaf 03 Verso

+ Ohio State University Leaf 03 Verso Transcription

ergo descenderunt in terram, viderunt prunas positas, et piscem superpositum, et panem. Dicit eis Jesus: Afferte de piscibus, quos prendidistis nunc. Ascendit Simon Petrus et traxit rete in terram, plenum magnis piscibus centum quinquaginta tribus. Et cum tanti essent, non est scissum rete. Dicit eis Jesus: Venite, prandete. Et nemo audebat discumbentium interrogare eum: Tu quis es? scientes, quia Dominus est. Et venit Jesus, et accipit panem, et dat eis, et piscem similiter. Hoc jam tertio manifestatus est Jesus discipulis suis cum resurrexisset a mortuis.

Feria v. Sedum Iohannem.

In illo tempore. Maria autem stabat ad monumentum foris, plorans. Dum ergo fleret, inclinavit se, et prospexit in monumentum: et vidit duos angelos in albis sedentes, unum ad caput, et unum ad pedes, ubi positum fuerat corpus Jesu. Dicunt ei illi: Mulier, quid

+ Ohio State University Leaf 03 Verso Translation

[John 21:9-14] they came to land, they saw hot coals lying, and a fish laid thereon, and bread. 10 Jesus saith to them: Bring hither of the fishes which you have now caught. 11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land, full of great fishes, one hundred and fifty-three. And although there were so many, the net was not broken. 12 Jesus saith to them: Come, and dine. And none of them who were at meat, durst ask him: Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord. 13 And Jesus cometh and taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish in like manner. 14 This is now the third time that Jesus was manifested to his disciples, after he was risen from the dead.

The fifth weekday. According to John.

[John 20:11-13]

11 But Mary stood at the sepulchre without, weeping. Now as she was weeping, she stooped down, and looked into the sepulchre, 12 And she saw two angels in white, sitting, one at the head, and one at the feet, where the body of Jesus had been laid. 13 They say to her: Woman, why...

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