Kenyon College Leaf 34

This leaf comes from an Italian psalter of the fifteenth century, and measures 38.5 x 28.5 cm. Ege states that it was made by Carthusian monks, making it a rare artifact of that minuscule order. The vellum is yellowed, with substantial wrinkling around the edges; the lining on the right side of the text area is especially noticeable. Black ink (showing indications of wear) is used for the primary text, and red, blue, and purple appear in the decoration. The leaf is not illuminated, but decorative details include large and small red and blue initials. The large initials have a purple interior and exterior line decoration as an accompaniment. The music at the foot of the pages was apparently added later. See Denison University Leaf 34 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 118:50-64 (recto); Psalms 118:64-76 (verso).

Kenyon 34r.JPG
Kenyon Leaf 34 Recto
Kenyon Leaf 34 Recto

Kenyon College Leaf 34 Recto

+ Kenyon Leaf 34 Recto Transcription

Hæc me consoláta est in humilitáte mea, quia elóquium tuum vivificávit me.
Supérbi iníque agébant usquequáque; a lege autem tua non declinávi.
Memor fui judiciórum tuórum a saeculo, Dómine, et consolátus sum.
Deféctio ténuit me, pro peccatóribus derelinquéntibus legem tuam.
Cantábiles mihi erant justificatiónes tuæ in loco peregrinatiónis meæ.
Memor fui nocte nóminis tui, Dómine, et custodívi legem tuam.
Hæc facta est mihi, quia justificatiónes tuas exquisívi.

Pórtio mea, Dómine, dixi custodíre legem tuam.
Deprecátus sum fáciem tuam in toto corde meo; miserére mei secúndum elóquium tuum.
Cogitávi vias meas, et convérti pedes meos in testimónia tua.
Parátus sum, et non sum turbátus, ut custódiam mandáta tua.
Funes peccatórum circumpléxi sunt me, et legem tuam non sum oblítus.
Média nocte surgébam ad confiténdum tibi, super judícia justificatiónis tuæ.
Párticeps ego sum ómnium timéntium te, et custodiéntium mandáta tua.
Misericórdia tua, Dómine plena est terra; justificatiónes tuas do-

[2 lines of text below the staves untranscribed.]

+ Kenyon Leaf 34 Recto Translation

[Psalms 118:50-64]

50 This hath comforted me in my humiliation: because thy word hath enlivened me. 51 The proud did iniquitously altogether: but I declined not from thy law. 52 I remembered, O Lord, thy judgments of old: and I was comforted. 53 A fainting hath taken hold of me, because of the wicked that forsake thy law. 54 Thy justifications were the subject of my song, in the place of my pilgrimage. 55 In the night I have remembered thy name, O Lord: and have kept thy law. 56 This happened to me: because I sought after thy justifications. 57 O Lord, my portion, I have said, I would keep the law. 58 I entreated thy face with all my heart: have mercy on me according to thy word. 59 I have thought on my ways: and turned my feet unto thy testimonies. 60 I am ready, and am not troubled: that I may keep thy commandments. 61 The cords of the wicked have encompassed me: but I have not forgotten thy law. 62 I rose at midnight to give praise to thee; for the judgments of thy justification. 63 I am a partaker with all them that fear thee, and that keep thy commandments. 64 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: teach me...

[2 lines of text untranscribed]

Kenyon 34v.JPG
Kenyon Leaf 34 Verso
Kenyon Leaf 34 Verso

Kenyon College Leaf 34 Verso

+ Kenyon Leaf 34 Verso Transcription

-ce me.

Bonitátem fecísti cum servo tuo, Dómine, secúndum verbum tuum.
Bonitátem, et disciplínam, et sciéntiam doce me, quia mandátis tuis crédidi.
Priúsquam humiliárer ego delíqui: proptérea elóquium tuum custodívi.
Bonus es tu, et in bonitáte tua doce me justificatiónes tuas.
Multiplicáta est super me iníquitas superbórum; ego autem in toto corde meo scrutábor mandáta tua.
Coagulátum est sicut lac cor eórum; ego vero legem tuam meditátus sum.
Bonum mihi quia humiliásti me, ut discam justificatiónes tuas.
Bonum mihi lex oris tui, super míllia auri et argénti.

Mánus tuæ fecérunt me, et plasmavérunt me: da mihi intelléctum, et discam mandáta tua.
Qui timent te vidébunt me et lætabúntur, quia in verba tua supersperávi.
Cognóvi, Dómine, quia aequitas judícia tua, et in veritáte tua humiliásti me.
Fiat misericórdia tua ut consolétur me, secúndum elóquium tuum servo tuo.

+ Kenyon Leaf 34 Verso Translation

[Psalms 118:64-76]

...thy justifications. 65 Thou hast done well with thy servant, O Lord, according to thy word. 66 Teach me goodness and discipline and knowledge; for I have believed thy commandments. 67 Before I was humbled I offended; therefore have I kept thy word. 68 Thou art good; and in thy goodness teach me thy justifications. 69 The iniquity of the proud hath been multiplied over me: but I will seek thy commandments with my whole heart. 70 Their heart is curdled like milk: but I have meditated on thy law. 71 It is good for me that thou hast humbled me, that I may learn thy justifications. 72 The law of thy mouth is good to me, above thousands of gold and silver. 73 Thy hands have made me and formed me: give me understanding, and I will learn thy commandments. 74 They that fear thee shall see me, and shall be glad: because I have greatly hoped in thy words. 75 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are equity: and in thy truth thou hast humbled me. 76 O! let thy mercy be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.

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