Kent State University Leaf 42

Ege identifies this leaf as coming from a psalter made in the year 1499 in the Benedictine monastery of St. Stephan in Würzburg, Germany. At 44 x 30 cm, it is the largest leaf in the Ege portfolios, and many of the leaves we have seen contain hymn texts. The vellum is thick, but supple through use; the margins are very modest when compared to those of the other leaves in the collection. The ink is black, but faded through exposure in many places. At least one leaf has been repaired and rewritten in a different hand. Most of the red and blue initials, however, have retained their color strongly. See Denison University Leaf 42 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Contains hymns for Corpus Christi, including Aquinas' "Sacris solemniis" (At This our Solemn Feast), here translated by John David Chambers (1805-1893), and his "Verbum Supernum" (The Heavenly Word). See for more information on the hymns.

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Kent Leaf 42 Recto
Kent Leaf 42 Recto

Kent State University Leaf 42 Recto

+ Kent Leaf 42 Recto Transcription

Noctis recolitur
cena novissima,
qua Christus creditur
agnum et azyma
dedisse fratribus,
iuxta legitima
priscis indulta patribus.
Post agnum typicum,
expletis epulis,
Corpus Dominicum
datum discipulis,
sic totum omnibus,
quod totum singulis,
eius fatemur manibus.
Dedit fragilibus
corporis ferculum,
dedit et tristibus
sanguinis poculum,
dicens: Accipite
quod trado vasculum;
omnes ex eo bibite.
Sic sacrificium
istud instituit,
cuius officium
committi voluit
solis presbyteris,
quibus sic congruit,
ut sumant, et dent ceteris.
Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
dat panis caelicus
figuris terminum;
O res mirabilis:
manducat Dominum
pauper, servus et humilis.
Te, trina Deitas
unaque, poscimus:
sic nos tu visita,
sicut te colimus;
per tuas semitas
duc nos quo tendimus,
ad lucem quam inhabitas. Amen. Ad laudes hymnus.

Verbum supernum prodiens,
nec Patris linquens dexteram,
ad opus suum exiens,
venit ad vitae vesperam.
In mortem a discipulo
suis tradendus aemulis,
prius in vitae ferculo
se tradidit discipulis.
Quibus sub bina specie
carnem dedit et sanguinem;
ut duplicis substantiae
totum cibaret hominem.
Se nascens dedit socium,

+ Kent Leaf 42 Recto Translation

Remember we that eve, when, the Last Supper spread, Christ, as we all believe, the Lamb, with leavenless bread, among His brethren shared, and thus the Law obeyed, of all unto their sire declared. The typic Lamb consumed, the legal Feast complete, the Lord unto the Twelve His Body gave to eat; the whole to all, no less the whole to each did mete with His own hands, as we confess. He gave them, weak and frail, His Flesh, their Food to be; on them, downcast and sad, His Blood bestowed He: and thus to them He spake, "Receive this Cup from Me, and all of you of this partake." So He this Sacrifice to institute did will, and charged His priests alone that office to fulfill: to them He did confide: to whom it pertains still to take, and the rest divide. Thus Angels' Bread is made the Bread of man today: the Living Bread from heaven with figures dost away: O wondrous gift indeed! the poor and lowly may upon their Lord and Master feed. Thee, therefore, we implore, o Godhead, One in Three, so may Thou visit us as we now worship Thee; and lead us on Thy way, That we at last may see the light wherein Thou dwellest aye. Amen. The Hymn at Lauds.

The heavenly Word proceeding forth, yet not leaving the Father's side, went forth upon His work on earth and reached at length life's eventide. By false disciple to be given to foemen for His Blood athirst, Himself, the living Bread from heaven, He gave to His disciples first. To them He gave, in twofold kind, His very Flesh, His very Blood: of twofold substance man is made, and He of man would be the Food. By birth our fellowman was He, our Food...

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Kent Leaf 42 Verso
Kent Leaf 42 Verso

Kent State University Leaf 42 Verso

+ Kent Leaf 42 Verso Transcription

in edulium,
se moriens in pretium,
se regnans dat in praemium.
O salutaris hostia,
quae caeli pandis ostium,
bella premunt hostilia;
da robur, fer auxilium.
Uni trinoque Domino
sit sempiterna gloria:
qui vitam sine termino
nobis donet in patria. Amen. [ ]

Exultet celum laudibus resultet terra gaudijs apostolorum gloriam sacra canunt solennia. Vos secli iusti iudices, et vera mundi lumina Votis precamur cordium: audite preces supplicum. Qui celum verbo clauditis, serasque eius soluitis: nos a peccatis omnibus soluite iussu quesumus. Quorum precepto subditur salus et languor omnium, sanate egros moribus: nos reddentes virtutibus. Vt eum iudex aduenerit christus in fine seculi, nos sempiterni gaudij faciat esse compotes. Deo patri sit gloria. Ad nocturno hymnus.

Eterna christi munera apostolorum gloriam laudes canentes debitas letis canamus mentibus. Ecclesiarum principes, belli triumphales duces, celestis

+ Kent Leaf 42 Verso Translation the board; He died, our ransomer to be; He ever reigns, our great reward. O saving Victim, opening wide the gate of heaven to all below: our foes press on from every side; Thine aid supply, Thy strength bestow. To Thy great Name be endless praise, immortal Godhead, One in Three! O grant us endless length of days in our true native land with Thee. Amen. [ ]

[14 lines untranslated.]

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