Kent State University Leaf 36

This is a leaf from a French Book of Hours made in the middle of the fifteenth century. At 10.5 x 7 cm, this is the smallest of the 50 leaves in the Ege portfolios: each side contains just thirteen lines of text. These leaves were not separated easily; their inner margins are ragged, with scraps of the other half of the bifolium often visible. The rubrication and decoration/illumination remain vivid, sometimes overwhelming the fading text ink. See Denison University Leaf 36 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Based on the leaves we have seen, this Book of Hours accords with the Use of Rome (see Leaf 36 in the Cleveland Public Library portfolio, which contains the "Dum Esset" antiphon). This leaf contains text from the Hours of the Virgin at Matins; here, continuing the Hymn of Saints Ambrose and Augustine (i.e., the Te Deum). A scan of the recto is not currently available.

Reconstruction Note! In Ege's original manuscript, this leaf followed what is now Leaf 36 in the Cincinnati Public Library portfolio.

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Kent Leaf 36 Verso
Kent Leaf 36 Verso

Kent State University Leaf 36 Verso

+ Kent Leaf 36 Verso Transcription

Te Martyrum candidatus laudat exercitus.
Te per orbem terrarum sancta confitetur Ecclesia.
Patrem immensae maiestatis.
Venerandum tuum verum: et unicum filium.
Sanctum quoque paraclitum spiritum.
Tu rex gloriae Christe.
Tu patris sempiternus es filius.

+ Kent Leaf 36 Verso Translation

[from the Hymn of Ambrose and Augustine]

Thee the white clothed army of martyrs, doth praise.
Thee the holy Church through the world doth confess.
The father of infinite majesty.
Thy venerable true: and only son.
And also the Holy Ghost the comforter.
Thou O Christ the king of glory.
Thou art the everlasting son of the father.

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