Kent State University Leaf 30

This leaf comes from a French Book of Hours made in the middle of the fifteenth century. It measures 38.5 x 28 cm. The text block on both the recto and verso is bordered by a thick hedge of gilded holly and ivy, as well as flowers which Ege identifies as daisy, thistle, cornbottle, and stock. The black ink used for the main text has become less substantial over time, and there is a relative lack of rubrication of response abbreviations.

Text: This leaf contains text from the Office for the Dead at Lauds, specifically Psalms 64. A scan of the verso is not currently available.

Kent 30r.jpg
Kent Leaf 30 Recto
Kent Leaf 30 Recto

Kent State University Leaf 30 Recto

+ Kent Leaf 30 Recto Transcription

-sti locupletare eam.
Flumen Dei repletum est aquis: parasti cibum illorum, quoniam ita est praeparatio eius.
Rivos eius inebrians multiplica genimina eius: in stillicidiis eius laetabitur germinans.
Benedices coronae anni benignitatis tuae, et campi tui replebuntur ubertate.
Pinguescent speciosa

+ Kent Leaf 30 Recto Translation

[from Psalm 64] ...multiplied to enrich it. The river of God is replenished with waters: thou hast prepared their meat, because so is the preparation thereof. Drunken making her rivers, multiply her fruits; springing in her channels she shall rejoice. Thou wilt bless the crown of the year of thy bounty: and thy fields shall be replenished with plenty. The beautiful places of the wilderness shall be...

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