Kent State University Leaf 17

The vellum of this late-thirteenth century English psalter was once nearly white, but now appears dirty. The ink for the bulk of the text is brown, with blue, orange (or weak red), green, and white in the decorations. Gold and silver are both used, and the silver has tarnished. There are dragons, foliage, flowers, and pointed ivy as marginal decorations. Illuminated initials begin each verse, and bars are placed at the end of lines to complete them when the text is too short to fill them; these lines include both geometric designs and additional dragons. The leaf measures 17 x 11 cm. See Denison University Leaf 17 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 68:22-33 (recto) and 68:33-69:5 (verso).

Kent 17v.jpg
Kent Leaf 17 Recto
Kent Leaf 17 Recto

Kent State University Leaf 17 Recto

+ Kent Leaf 17 Recto Transcription

[column A]

meam fel, et in siti mea potavérunt me acéto.
Fiat mensa eórum coram ipsis in láqueum, et in retributiónes, et in scándalum.
Obscuréntur óculi eórum, ne vídeant, et dorsum eórum semper incúrva.
Effúnde super eos iram tuam, et furor iræ tuæ comprehéndat eos.
Fiat habitátio eórum desérta, et in tabernáculis eórum non sit qui inhábitet.
Quóniam quem tu percussísti persecúti sunt, et super dolórem vúlnerum

[column B]

meórum addidérunt.
Appóne iniquitátem super iniquitátem eórum, et non intrent in justítiam tuam.
Deleántur de libro vivéntium, et cum justis non scribántur.
Ego sum pauper et dolens; salus tua, Deus, suscépit me.
Laudábo nomen Dei cum cántico, et magnificábo eum in laude:
Et placébit Deo super vítulum novéllum, córnua producéntem et úngulas.
Vídeant páuperes, et læténtur; quǽri-

+ Kent Leaf 17 Recto Translation

[Psalms 68:22-33]

...for my food, and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink. 23 Let their table become as a snare before them, and a recompense, and a stumblingblock. 24 Let their eyes be darkened that they see not; and their back bend thou down always. 25 Pour out thy indignation upon them: and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them. 26 Let their habitation be made desolate: and let there be none to dwell in their tabernacles. 27 Because they have persecuted him whom thou hast smitten; and they have added to the grief of my wounds. 28 Add thou iniquity upon their iniquity: and let them not come into thy justice. 29 Let them be blotted out of the book of the living; and with the just let them not be written. 30 But I am poor and sorrowful: thy salvation, O God, hath set me up. 31 I will praise the name of God with a canticle: and I will magnify him with praise. 32 And it shall please God better than a young calf, that bringeth forth horns and hoofs. 33 Let the poor see and rejoice...

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Kent Leaf 17 Verso
Kent Leaf 17 Verso

Kent State University Leaf 17 Verso

+ Kent Leaf 17 Verso Transcription

[column A]

-te Deum, et vivet ánima vestra:
Quóniam exaudívit páuperes Dóminus, et vinctos suos non despéxit.
Laudent illum cæli et terra; mare, et ómnia reptília in eis.
Quóniam Deus salvam fáciet Sion, et ædificabúntur civitátes Juda,
Et inhabitábunt ibi, et hæreditáte acquírent eam.
Et semen servórum ejus possidébit eam; et qui díligunt nomen ej-

[column B]

-us habitábunt in ea.
Deus, in adjutórium meum inténde; Dómine, ad adjuvándum me festína.
Confundántur, et revereántur, qui quærunt ánimam meam.
Avertántur retrórsum, et erubéscant, qui volunt mihi mala;
Avertántur statim erubescéntes qui dicunt mihi: Éuge, éuge!
Exsúltent et læténtur in te omnes qui quærunt te; et dicant semper: Magnificétur Dóminus

+ Kent Leaf 17 Verso Translation

Psalms 68:33-69:5 ye God, and your soul shall live. 34 For the Lord hath heard the poor: and hath not despised his prisoners. 35 Let the heavens and the earth praise him; the sea, and every thing that creepeth therein. 36 For God will save Sion, and the cities of Juda shall be built up. And they shall dwell there, and acquire it by inheritance. 37 And the seed of his servants shall possess it; and they that love his name shall dwell therein.

2 O God, come to my assistance; O Lord, make haste to help me. 3 Let them be confounded and ashamed that seek my soul: 4 Let them be turned backward, and blush for shame that desire evils to me: Let them be presently turned away blushing for shame that say to me: 'T is well, 't is well. 5 Let all that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee; and let such as love thy salvation say always: The Lord be magnified.

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