Kent State University Leaf 10

This mid-thirteenth century German psalter has acquired the nickname "The Laughing Carp Psalter" due to its penwork illustrations. The decorative style involves using fish (one of the leading medieval symbols for Christ) to complete lines of text that do not reach to the right margin of the page; this maintains the aesthetic of a full page within the borders of the leaf. The leaf itself measures 19.5 x 14cm, with slightly yellowed and stained vellum, and is lined in ink. The ink used for the bulk of the text is very dark, but fades into brown in places. Blue, red, coral, orange, and white are used in the decoration, and scribal corrections are included above each line where necessary. See Denison University Leaf 10 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 69:6-70:8 (recto). A scan of the verso is not currently available, but it likely contains the text of Psalms 70:9-18.

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Kent Leaf 10 Recto
Kent Leaf 10 Recto

Kent State University Leaf 10 Recto

+ Kent Leaf 10 Recto Transcription

Ego vero egénus et pauper sum; Deus, ádjuva me.
Adjútor meus et liberátor meus es tu; Dómine, ne moréris.

In te, Dómine, sperávi; non confúndar in ætérnum. In justítia tua líbera me, et éripe me:
Inclína ad me aurem tuam, et salva me.
Esto mihi in Deum protectórem, et in locum munítum, ut salvum me fácias:
Quóniam firmaméntum meum et refúgium meum es tu.
Deus meus, éripe me de manu peccatóris, et de manu contra legem agéntis, et iníqui:
Quóniam tu es patiéntia mea, Dómine; Dómine, spes mea a juventúte mea.
In te confirmátus sum ex útero; de ventre matris meæ tu es protéctor meus;
In te cantátio mea semper. Tamquam prodígium factus sum multis; et tu adjútor fortis.
Repleátur os meum laude, ut cantem glóriam tuam, tota die magnitúdinem tuam.

+ Kent Leaf 10 Recto Translation

[Psalms 69:6-70:8]

6 But I am needy and poor; O God, help me. Thou art my helper and my deliverer: O Lord, make no delay.

In thee, O Lord, I have hoped, let me never be put to confusion: 2 deliver me in thy justice, and rescue me. Incline thy ear unto me, and save me. 3 Be thou unto me a God, a protector, and a place of strength: that thou mayst make me safe. For thou art my firmament and my refuge. 4 Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the sinner, and out of the hand of the transgressor of the law and of the unjust. 5 For thou art my patience, O Lord: my hope, O Lord, from my youth; 6 By thee have I been confirmed from the womb: from my mother's womb thou art my protector. Of thee shall I continually sing: 7 I am become unto many as a wonder, but thou art a strong helper. 8 Let my mouth be filled with praise, that I may sing thy glory; thy greatness all the day long.

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