Denison University Leaf 43

Otto Ege provided the following description for leaves from this manuscript:

Book of Hours (Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis). The Netherlands; Late 15th Century. Latin Text; Bold Angular Gothic Script.

In general, the Books of Hours produced for the devout layman in the Netherlands at the end of the 15th century were written in Dutch. This particular example, however, is in Latin. The heavy, angular, and closely spaced vertical strokes, with very short ascenders and descenders, give a much darker tone to the page than to similar scripts in such northern countries as Germany and England. This book hand resembles very closely the types known as lettre de forme which were used by certain anonymous contemporary printers in the Netherlands between 1470 and 1500 A.D.

Size: 17.5 x 13 cm

Observations: Compared to those of other contemporary Books of Hours, these leaves are somewhat plain. The text is dark black, contrasting nicely with the alternating red and blue initialing and feathery tracery, some of which is in violet. The vellum of several leaves is puckered outside the text block.

Text: This leaf contains text from Psalms 137 and 138. Note the rubrication in Middle Dutch on the recto.

Denison 43r.png
Denison Leaf 43 Recto
Denison Leaf 43 Recto

Denison University Leaf 43 Recto

+ Denison Leaf 43 Recto Transcription

-bis in ánima mea virtútem. Confiteántur tibi, Dómine, omnes reges terræ, quia audiérunt ómnia verba oris tui. Et cantent in viis Dómini, quóniam magna est glória Dómini; quóniam excélsus Dóminus, et humília réspicit, et alta a longe cognóscit. Si ambulávero in médio tribulatiónis, vivificábis me; et super iram inimicórum meórum extendísti manum tuam, et salvum me fecit déxtera tua. Dóminus retríbuet pro me. Dómine, misericórdia tua in sǽculum; ópera mánuum tuárum ne despícias. Des woensdachs vesp.

Dómine, probásti me, et cognovísti me; tu cognovísti sessiónem meam et resurrectiónem meam. Intellexísti cogitatiónes meas de longe; sémitam meam et funículum meum in-

+ Denison Leaf 43 Recto Translation

[Psalms 137:3-8] ...shalt multiply strength in my soul. Let all the Kings of the earth O Lord confess to thee: because they have heard all the words of thy mouth. And let them sing in the ways of our Lord: because great is the glory of our Lord. Because our Lord is high, and he beholdeth low things: and high things he knoweth far off. If I shall walk in the midst of tribulation, thou wilt quicken me: and upon the wrath of mine enemies thou hast extended thy hand, and thy right hand hath saved me. Our Lord will repay for me, O Lord thy mercy is forever: despise not the works of thy hands. The Wednesday vespers.

[Psalms 138:1-3] Lord, thou hast proved me, and known me: 2 thou hast know my sitting down, and my rising up. 3 Thou hast understood my thoughts afar off: my path and my line thou hast...

Denison 43v.png
Denison Leaf 43 Verso
Denison Leaf 43 Verso

Denison University Leaf 43 Verso

+ Denison Leaf 43 Verso Transcription

-vestigásti: et omnes vias meas prævidísti, quia non est sermo in lingua mea. Ecce, Dómine, tu cognovísti ómnia, novíssima et antíqua. Tu formásti me, et posuísti super me manum tuam. Mirábilis facta est sciéntia tua ex me; confortáta est, et non pótero ad eam. Quo ibo a spíritu tuo? et quo a fácie tua fúgiam? Si ascéndero in cælum, tu illic es; si descéndero in inférnum, ades. Si súmpsero pennas meas dilúculo, et habitávero in extrémis maris, étenim illuc manus tua dedúcet me, et tenébit me déxtera tua. Et dixi: Fórsitan ténebræ conculcábunt me; et nox illuminátio mea in delíciis meis. Quia ténebræ non obscurabúntur a te, et nox sicut dies

+ Denison Leaf 43 Verso Translation

[continues Psalms 138) ...searched out. 4 And thou hast foreseen all my ways: for there is no speech in my tongue. 5 Behold, O Lord, thou hast known all things, the last and those of old: thou hast formed me, and hast laid thy hand upon me. 6 Thy knowledge is become wonderful to me: it is high, and I cannot reach to it. 7 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy face? 8 If I ascend into heaven, thou art there: if I descend into hell, thou art present. 9 If I take my wings early in the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea: 10 Even there also shall thy hand lead me: and thy right hand shall hold me. 11 And I said: Perhaps darkness shall cover me: and night shall be my light in my pleasures. 12 But darkness shall not be dark to thee, and night shall be light as day...

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