Cleveland Public Library Leaf 42

Ege identifies this leaf as coming from a psalter made in the year 1499 in the Benedictine monastery of St. Stephan in Würzburg, Germany. At 44 x 30 cm, it is the largest leaf in the Ege portfolios, and many of the leaves we have seen contain hymn texts. The vellum is thick, but supple through use; the margins are very modest when compared to those of the other leaves in the collection. The ink is black, but faded through exposure in many places. At least one leaf has been repaired and rewritten in a different hand. Most of the red and blue initials, however, have retained their color strongly. See Denison University Leaf 42 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: Psalms 77:48-60 (recto) and 60-72 (verso).
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Cleveland Leaf 42 Recto
Cleveland Leaf 42 Recto

Cleveland Public Library Leaf 42 Recto

+ Cleveland Leaf 42 Recto Transcription

trádidit grándini juménta eórum, et possessiónem eórum igni; misit in eos iram indignatiónis suæ, indignatiónem, et iram, et tribulatiónem, immissiónes per ángelos malos. Viam fecit sémitæ iræ suæ: non pepércit a morte animábus eórum, et juménta eórum in morte conclúsit: et percússit omne primogénitum in terra Ægýpti; primítias omnis labóris eórum in tabernáculis Cham: et ábstulit sicut oves pópulum suum, et perdúxit eos tamquam gregem in desérto: et dedúxit eos in spe, et non timuérunt, et inimícos eórum opéruit mare. Et indúxit eos in montem sanctificatiónis suæ, montem quem acquisívit déxtera ejus; et ejécit a fácie eórum gentes, et sorte divísit eis terram in funículo distributiónis; et habitáre fecit in tabernáculis eórum tribus Ísraël. Et tentavérunt, et exacerbavérunt Deum excélsum, et testimónia ejus non custodiérunt. Et avertérunt se, et non servavérunt pactum: quemádmodum patres eórum, convérsi sunt in arcum pravum. In iram concitavérunt eum in cóllibus suis, et in sculptílibus suis ad æmulatiónem eum provocavérunt. Audívit Deus, et sprevit, et ad níhilum redégit valde Ísraël. Et répulit tabernáculum Silo,

+ Cleveland Leaf 42 Recto Translation

[Psalms 77:48-60] And he gave up their cattle to the hail, and their stock to the fire. 49 And he sent upon them the wrath of his indignation: indignation and wrath and trouble, which he sent by evil angels. 50 He made a way for a path to his anger: he spared not their souls from death, and their cattle he shut up in death. 51 And he killed all the firstborn in the land of Egypt: the firstfruits of all their labour in the tabernacles of Cham. 52 And he took away his own people as sheep: and guided them in the wilderness like a flock. 53 And he brought them out in hope, and they feared not: and the sea overwhelmed their enemies. 54 And he brought them into the mountain of his sanctuary: the mountain which his right hand had purchased. And he cast out the Gentiles before them: and by lot divided to them their land by a line of distribution. 55 And he made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tabernacles. 56 Yet they tempted, and provoked the most high God: and they kept not his testimonies. 57 And they turned away, and kept not the covenant: even like their fathers they were turned aside as a crooked bow. 58 They provoked him to anger on their hills: and moved him to jealousy with their graven things. 59 God heard, and despised them, and he reduced Israel exceedingly as it were to nothing. 60 And he put away the tabernacle of Silo...

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Cleveland Leaf 42 Verso
Cleveland Leaf 42 Verso

Cleveland Public Library Leaf 42 Verso

+ Cleveland Leaf 42 Verso Transcription

tabernáculum suum, ubi habitávit in homínibus. Et trádidit in captivitátem virtútem eórum, et pulchritúdinem eórum in manus inimíci. Et conclúsit in gládio pópulum suum, et hæreditátem suam sprevit. Júvenes eórum comédit ignis, et vírgines eórum non sunt lamentátæ. Sacerdótes eórum in gládio cecidérunt, et víduæ eórum non plorabántur. Et excitátus est tamquam dórmiens Dóminus, tamquam potens crapulátus a vino. Et percússit inimícos suos in posterióra; oppróbrium sempitérnum dedit illis. Et répulit tabernáculum Joseph, et tribum Éphraim non elégit: sed elégit tribum Juda, montem Sion, quem diléxit. Et ædificávit sicut unicórnium sanctifícium suum, in terra quam fundávit in saecula. Et elégit David, servum suum, et sústulit eum de grégibus óvium; de post fœtántes accépit eum: páscere Jacob servum suum, et Israël hæreditátem suam. Et pavit eos in innocéntia cordis sui, et in intelléctibus mánuum suárum dedúxit eos. Gloria patri. Antiphon.

Inclináte aurem vestram in verba oris mei.
+ Cleveland Leaf 42 Verso Translation

[Psalms 77:60-72] ...his tabernacle where he dwelt among men. 61 And he delivered their strength into captivity: and their beauty into the hands of the enemy. 62 And he shut up his people under the sword: and he despised his inheritance. 63 Fire consumed their young men: and their maidens were not lamented. 64 Their priests fell by the sword: and their widows did not mourn. 65 And the Lord was awaked as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that hath been surfeited with wine. 66 And he smote his enemies on the hinder parts: he put them to an everlasting reproach. 67 And he rejected the tabernacle of Joseph: and chose not the tribe of Ephraim: 68 But he chose the tribe of Juda, mount Sion which he loved. 69 And he built his sanctuary as of unicorns, in the land which he founded for ever. 70 And he chose his servant David, and took him from the flocks of sheep: he brought him from following the ewes great with young, 71 To feed Jacob his servant, and Israel his inheritance. 72 And he fed them in the innocence of his heart: and conducted them by the skilfulness of his hands. Glory be to the Father. Antiphon.

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