Case Western Reserve University Leaf 43

This leaf is from a Dutch Book of Hours from the later fifteenth century, and measures 17.5 x 13 cm. Compared to those of other contemporary Books of Hours, these leaves are somewhat plain; the text is dark black, with (as Ege notes) an even darker tone created by the closely-spaced lines. The latter contrasts nicely with the alternating red and blue initialing and feathery tracery, some of which is in violet. The vellum of several leaves is puckered outside the text block. See Denison University Leaf 43 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: This leaf contains Psalms 118:103-123.

Case 43r.jpg
Case Leaf 43 Recto
Case Leaf 43 Recto

Case Western Reserve University Leaf 43 Recto

+ Case Leaf 43 Recto Transcription

Quam dúlcia fáucibus meis elóquia tua! super mel ori meo. A mandátis tuis intelléxi; proptérea odívi omnem viam iniquitátis. Lucérna pédibus meis verbum tuum, et lumen sémitis meis. Jurávi et státui custodíre judícia justítiæ tuæ. Humiliátus sum usquequáque, Dómine; vivífica me secúndum verbum tuum. Voluntária oris mei beneplácita fac, Dómine, et judícia tua doce me. Ánima mea in mánibus meis semper, et legem tuam non sum oblítus. Posuérunt peccatóres láqueum mihi, et de mandátis tuis non errávi. Hæreditáte acquisívi testimónia tua in ætérnum, quia exsultátio cordis mei sunt. Inclinávi cor meum ad faciéndas justificatiónes tuas in ætérnum, propter retributiónem. iii. Psalm.

+ Case Leaf 43 Recto Translation

[Psalms 118:103-112] 103 How sweet are thy words to my palate! more than honey to my mouth. 104 By thy commandments I have had understanding: therefore have I hated every way of iniquity. 105 Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my paths. 106 I have sworn and am determined to keep the judgments of thy justice. 107 I have been humbled, O Lord, exceedingly: quicken thou me according to thy word. 108 The free offerings of my mouth make acceptable, O Lord: and teach me thy judgments. 109 My soul is continually in my hands: and I have not forgotten thy law. 110 Sinners have laid a snare for me: but I have not erred from thy precepts. 111 I have purchased thy testimonies for an inheritance for ever: because they are a joy to my heart. 112 I have inclined my heart to do thy justifications for ever, for the reward. 3. Psalm.

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Case Leaf 43 Verso
Case Leaf 43 Verso

Case Western Reserve University Leaf 43 Verso

+ Case Leaf 43 Verso Transcription

Iníquos ódio hábui, et legem tuam diléxi. Adjútor et suscéptor meus es tu, et in verbum tuum supersperávi. Declináte a me, malígni, et scrutábor mandáta Dei mei. Súscipe me secúndum elóquium tuum, et vivam, et non confúndas me ab exspectatióne mea. Ádjuva me, et salvus ero, et meditábor in justificatiónibus tuis semper. Sprevísti omnes discedéntes a judíciis tuis, quia injústa cogitátio eórum. Prævaricántes reputávi omnes peccatóres terræ; ídeo diléxi testimónia tua. Confíge timóre tuo carnes meas; a judíciis enim tuis tímui. Féci judícium et justítiam: non tradas me calumniántibus me. Súscipe servum tuum in bonum: non calumniéntur me supérbi. Óculi mei defecérunt in salutáre tuum, et

+ Case Leaf 43 Verso Translation

[Psalms 118:113-123] 113 I have hated the unjust: and have loved thy law. 114 Thou art my helper and my protector: and in thy word I have greatly hoped. 115 Depart from me, ye malignant: and I will search the commandments of my God. 116 Uphold me according to thy word, and I shall live: and let me not be confounded in my expectation. 117 Help me, and I shall be saved: and I will meditate always on thy justifications. 118 Thou hast despised all them that fall off from thy judgments; for their thought is unjust. 119 I have accounted all the sinners of the earth prevaricators: therefore have I loved thy testimonies. 120 Pierce thou my flesh with thy fear: for I am afraid of thy judgments. 121 I have done judgment and justice: give me not up to them that slander me. 122 Uphold thy servant unto good: let not the proud calumniate me. 123 My eyes have fainted after thy salvation: and...

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