University of Colorado, Boulder Leaf 31

This leaf is from a French Book of Hours made in the middle of the fifteenth century, and measures 18.5 x 13 cm. The marginal ivy emerges from the text block and weaves and subdivides, producing gold leaves and several kinds of colorful flowers; the ivy seems only to be located along the outer margin of each page. The arrangement of this Book of Hours may be in accord with the Use of Paris.

Text: This leaf contains text from the Office for the Dead at Lauds. A scan of the verso is not currently available.

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Boulder Leaf 31 Recto
Boulder Leaf 31 Recto

University of Colorado, Boulder Leaf 31 Recto

+ Boulder Leaf 31 Recto Transcription

-mento: clamabunt, etenim hymnum dicent.
Requiem. Ant: Exaudi Deus orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet. Ant: Me suscepit. Psalmus.
Deus Deus meus: ad te de luce vigilo.
Sitivit in te anima mea: quam multipliciter tibi caro mea.
In terra deserta, invia, et inaquosa, sic in sancto apparui tibi: ut viderem virtutem tuam et gloriam tuam.
Quoniam melior est misericordia tua super vitas: labia mea

+ Boulder Leaf 31 Recto Translation

[from Psalms 64] ...with corn: they will cry, yea they will say an Hymn. Eternal rest. Ant: Hear O God my prayer all flesh shall come unto thee. Ant: The right hand. Psalm.

[Psalms 62] O God my God: to thee I watch from the morning light. My soul hath thirsted to thee: my flesh to thee very many ways. In desert land, and inaccessible, and without water, so in the holy have I appeared to thee: that I might see thy strength, and thy glory. Because thy mercy is better than lives: my lips...

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