University of Colorado, Boulder Leaf 08

This leaf is from a 13th century English gradual, and measures 18 x 12cm. See Denison University Leaf 08 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: This may be from the hymn "In Caena Domini" used on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), the day before Good Friday.

Boulder 08.jpg
Boulder Leaf 08 Recto
Boulder Leaf 08 Recto

University of Colorado, Bolder Leaf 08 Recto

+ Boulder Leaf 08 Recto Transcription

vestigia. [ ] Que p. V. Psallet servus obsequio cum angelorum Dominum Ferendo lympham lintheo cernit ceno procumbere. [ ] Que p. V. Per mitte Symon ablui acta figurant mystica. Dum summus syma baiulat quod synis servet cineri. V. Lavator moris accubat, verbique favos aggerat. Quos inter hostem denotat necis qui dolos

+ Boulder Leaf 08 Recto Translation

A translation of this leaf is currently unavailable.

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