University of Massachusetts, Amherst Leaf 31

This leaf is from a French Book of Hours made in the middle of the fifteenth century, and measures 18.5 x 13 cm. The marginal ivy emerges from the text block and weaves and subdivides, producing gold leaves and several kinds of colorful flowers; the ivy seems only to be located along the outer margin of each page. The arrangement of this Book of Hours may be in accord with the Use of Paris.

Text: This leaf contains text from the Office of the Dead at Matins, the Third Nocturne; it starts at Psalms 39:17-18, then jumps to Psalms 41 after the Antiphon. A scan of the verso is not currently available.

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Amherst Leaf 31 Recto
Amherst Leaf 31 Recto

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Leaf 31 Recto

+ Amherst Leaf 31 Recto Transcription

Exultent, et laetentur super te omnes quaerentes te: et dicant semper, magnificetur Dominus, qui diligunt salutare tuum.
Ego autem mendicus sum et pauper: Dominus sollicitus est mei.
Adiutor meus et protector meus tu es: Deus meus ne tardaveris.
Requiem. Ant: Complaceat tibi Domine, ut eruas me: Domine ad adiuvandum me respice.
Quemadmodum desiderat cervus ad fontes aquarum ita desiderat anima

+ Amherst Leaf 31 Recto Translation

[Psalms 39:17-18] Let all that seek thee rejoice, and be glad upon thee: and let them say always that love thy salvation, our Lord be magnified. But I am a beggar, and poor: our Lord is careful of me. Thou art my helper and my protector: my God be not slack. Rest. Ant: May it please thee O Lord, to deliver me: O Lord have regard to help me.

[Psalms 41] As the hart panteth after the fountains of water, so my soul panteth ...

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