University of Massachusetts, Amherst Leaf 28

This leaf is from a French Book of Hours from the mid-fifteenth century, and measures 15 x 10.5 cm. The metal alloys used in the decorations have tarnished, and there is visible chemical deterioration of the vellum. Some of the leaves display smudging of the ink when still wet. See Denison University Leaf 28 for more information about this manuscript.

Text: The leaves we have seen indicate that this Book of Hours accords with the Use of Metz; see especially Leaf 28 in the Kent State, Denison, Kenyon, and Lima portfolios for evidence. This leaf contains text from the Office of the Dead at Lauds, consisting mostly of Psalms 64:12-14 followed by Psalms 62:2-3.

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Amherst Leaf 28 Recto
Amherst Leaf 28 Recto

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Leaf 28 Recto

+ Amherst Leaf 28 Recto Transcription

plebuntur ubertate. Pinguescent speciosa deserti: et exultatione colles accingentur. Induti sunt arietes ovium, et valles abundabunt frumento: clamabunt, etenim hymnum dicent.

Ant: Exaudi Domine orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet. Ant: Me suscepit. Psalmus.

Deus Deus meus: ad te de luce vigilo. Sitivit in te anima mea: quam multipliciter tibi caro mea. In terra deserta, invia, et inaquosa, sic in sancto apparui tibi: ut viderem virtutem tu

+ Amherst Leaf 28 Recto Translation

[Psalms 64:12-14] replenished with plenty. The beautiful places of the wilderness shall be fat: and the little hills shall be girded about with joyfulness. The rams of the sheep are clothed, and the vales shall abound with corn: they will cry, yea they will say an Hymn.

Ant: Hear O Lord my prayer all flesh shall come unto thee. Ant: The right hand. Psalm.

[Psalms 62:2-3] O God my God: to thee I watch from the morning light. My soul hath thirsted to thee: my flesh to thee very many ways. In desert land, and inaccessible, and without water, so in the holy have I appeared to thee: that I might see thy strength...

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